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Petra Geckova

Reading the reviews here before booking I was not very sure what to expect.
I did a lot of research of dozen camper rental companies and compared prices, extra included in the car and in the price, availability, insurance etc
They came as the cheapest so second point why I was not sure. But we have read all these camper stories they have and those would not lie

From first day of booking everything was super smooth, car pick up was quick and easy and all was explained to us.
During the week roadtrip our camper Hugo was like a part of our family haha.

1990Km in a week, no issue with the car, very smooth driving or various roads, so warm to sleep with that heating that we had to keep it on the lowest level and we are girls..
When we saw on the way other campervans we always compared inside when they opened their door and our was the best practical layout!
Mattress was so comfy and spacious for two people! Sleeping bags very super quality too!

Wifi was amazing too and the back heating helped few times when we got wet from strong rain out during the day to dry clothes

Drop of the car was even smoother and very quick!

I have rented cars in many countries around the world already but rentis was overall a cherry on the top of our trip!
Without them and our Hugo our trip would not be even half as amazing!

Big thank you!