Winner CamperStories June 2017 - Winner CamperStories June 2017 -

Winner CamperStories June 2017

Finally the season is slowing down and we have time to set up meetings to choose the next CamperStories winner! As usually it is not an easy task to choose from as you all give so much and have different voices, different approach to composing your stories. After reading and rereading all the stories for June, we came up with a winner. It is our honor to present to you the June 2017 CamperStories winner. Congratulations to……..




Congratulations to Chelsie Corbett and her friend Christina for their lovely “Born to be wild” entry. The judge panel thought they brought something new, a fresh look, charming writing and sweet pictures.  Chelsie will now get a full refund, up to 7 days on their camper van rental fees. We hope you will enjoy it and come back to Iceland one day! 🙂

CamperStories Winner

Thank you all for you contributions. We are so honored having such talented writers and photographers among our CamperStories competitors. Before long, we will also announce the winner for July which also is long overdue!

We have been asked many times what makes a good competition entry and the truth is, we can’t tell you. We each decide month by month what we personally think is a good CamperStories entry. If you write your thousand words and send us 5 pics and/or videos, you have a chance to be chosen a winner for the month your story was published. One thing we have noticed, we tend to lean more favorably towards something new, a new angle, something new we can’t really define but not even that is a rule with us!

In the start of our competition, we received a story with 5 …well..not so good pictures. 🙂 The story was “Second gear. Break. Indicate. Stop” and one of the judges REALLY wanted that one to win but didn’t manage to persuade the others of the brilliance of that story! 🙂

So do your thing, be personal, inform and entertain and you have an equal chance like everybody else to win for the month! 🙂


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Happy Camping!  #CamperStories review


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