Winner CamperStories July 2018 - Winner CamperStories July 2018 -

Winner CamperStories July 2018

With the June winner behind us, it’s time to announce the next winner, the July 2018 CamperStories winner.  As always, there are just sooo many fantastic stories to choose from which makes the judging both so much fun but also so, so hard. It would have been brilliant if we could have many winners but unfortunately, our budget doesn’t allow that.

So, who will be the third last CamperStories winner ever?  As usually, the judges have been reading and re-reading all the stories for July. There has been some disagreements but, we did get down to a final winner for the month despite some difficulties.  So enough talk, more presentations. It’s our honor to introduce the July 2018 CamperStories winner. Congratulations to….

…drum roll…

…drum roll…

…drum roll…

…Aaron with his lovely travel story

How we did Iceland in 7 days

A big congratulation for a job very well done.  This travel story is an excellent post for all Iceland newbies for it is packed with information, a few lovely pictures, a fantastic vlog (video blog) that is over 17 minutes long and add to all that, an interactive map with more pictures of all the places the couple visited.

Puffins at Látrabjarg Camper Van Rental Iceland

So now we only have two winners left to announce. August is up next and it has some amazing stories competing for the free camper rental. September, the last month have so many stories. Good times but also very difficult to only be allowed to choose one winner for each month.  So hang in there, the other two winners will be announced shorty!


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