Winner CamperStories Jan-Mar 2018 - Winner CamperStories Jan-Mar 2018 -

Winner CamperStories Jan-Mar 2018

As January only saw 4 CamperStories entries, February none and then things started to roll again in March, we are forced to pull these three months together into one. Nevertheless, it’s very tough to try to choose one winner from a bunch of stories which all of them deserves recognition.

But, unfortunately, there can only be one winner, one winner to rule them all, no, that was too much to try to squeeze in a Lord of the rings quote! 🙂 After deliberations, some arguments, a few “Head desk” scenarios, we came down to a conclusion we were all happy with. So once more it’s our great pleasure to introduce the next winner of the CamperStories competition. And the winner issss……..



South Iceland in 7 days in a camper van

CamperStories Jan-Mar 2018 Winner

Congratulations to the both of you. Your story was very informative, well written about travels in South Iceland, a lot of great shots and a lovely video too (see below). Thanks and congratulations again. Hope we will see you here again.

As our social media guy was gone in January & February and no stories could be posted during that period, makes April the poorest CamperStories month from the beginning as we only got one story for the whole month. That forces us to add that story to the May competition. So stay tuned and find out who will be announced as the winner of the May 2018 competition! 🙂


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