Winner CamperStories December 2017 - Winner CamperStories December 2017 -

Winner CamperStories December 2017

Once more we all had to try to come down to a decision and decide who would be the December 2017 CamperStories winner which was not an easy task. December saw “only” 15 entries but the quality of them all was so great. Such an honor when you share your vacation stories so generously with us. So who did we choose to be the winner and get a refund, up to 7 days of their camper van rental?

Lets keep the waiting to a minimum this time. It’s our honor & pleasure to announce the winner for December 2017. This winner is…



The winner is “Honeymoon in Heimaey“. Yaaaay!!!!  A BIG congratulations to Rebecca & Daniel for the win and to the wedding! We were all happy with how localized the story was, full of useful information for anyone wanting to visit Westman islands and just generally a very well written travel story. Congratulations again. 🙂

CamperStories winner Daniel CamperStories winner Rebecca

Stay tuned for the CamperStories Jan-Mar 2018 Winner and soon we will be up to date with all the winners. It will be so interesting to see what the summer will bring as the stories are getting more and more ambitious with every month. Good times ahead for sure!


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