Winner CamperStories December 2016 - Winner CamperStories December 2016 -

Winner CamperStories December 2016

So finally we got around to choose the winner for our December 2016 CamperStories. Again, it is always hard but it made it just slightly easier due to December didn’t have that many entries as for example September. We thought the winner was very bright, informative, personal but also with a lot of fun pictures to complement the story of their Ring road trip. As usually, the winner will receive a full refund of their camper van hire, up to 7 days. So, without any further ado…the winner for the December 2016 CamperStories winner iissss…..





Szabon-Bakai Ágnes & Szabon Ákos with their lovely CamperStories called South Iceland Van life. 🙂


South Iceland Van Life


We really enjoyed reading their experience around waterfalls, swimming pools and their trip around the Golden circle! So a big congratulations from us at Team A job well done! 🙂


The winner of the December 2016 CamperStories Competition


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Happy Camping!  #WohoCamper

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