CamperStories winner July 2016 - CamperStories winner July 2016 -

CamperStories winner July 2016

So finally the judge panel came down with a decision on who should win the July 2016 CamperStories competition.  It was very tough to choose one winner, we wanted to choose all of you but we had to agree on one winner. After rereading a few times, watching videos, we came to the conclusion that the winner for July has to be Rickard Sjölander and his brother.(the editor apologizes for writing the name wrong on other places). We all agreed that the story, together with the great videos that just set a happy mood in us all! So congratulations Rickard for a job well done! Your full refund of your camper van rental fees is on its way!


Read the full July 2016 winning entry: The epic Camper trip of Richard


You can also enjoy all 4 videos made to one here below:



If you want a chance to win a full refund of your Camper van hire, check out the rules here for the CamperStories competition: Win a free camper rental.

If you want to read the wonderful works of other participants, you will find them here where we publish all stories as we receive them.  CamperStories


Happy Camping! #CamperStories

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