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Adventure trip to Iceland

Ok so Hello guys!

Together with my boyfriend Filip we decided for an adventure trip to Iceland – it was my gift for his 30th birthday and it was his first flight so you can imagine the huge excitement. 馃檪

We were so excited, happy and restless for this awesome country when we picked up the camper from the rental company ( on the first day. The people at this company was very helpful and kind, so we were happy so we start the engines and we could go on the roads together with our friends from our hometown Tren膷ianske Teplice (Slovakia).

Camper Van Holiday IcelandDual campingVan Life in Iceland

Adventure with friends in Iceland

Camper club IcelandOn the road in Iceland

First stop was Geysir, it was fun but we had to wait around 10 minutes maybe more, for the big splash and then baaaaam.聽 I was surprised because the splash was so high.聽 Our second stop was Gullfoss, the biggest waterfall what we ever seen with a beautiful rainbow over it and the soft spray from the waterfall was so fresh, such a聽 damn good scenery at this place really! And at the end of the hard day we jumped into the water in Fl煤冒ir (The Secret lagoon – Gamla laugin) it was the best choice because we were really tired and we needed the shower.

Gullfoss - The Golden CircleVa冒m谩lahver

The Secret lagoon - Gamla lauginGamla laugin Fl煤冒ir

Second day. Seljalandsfoss was the first big and tall waterfall I ever saw in my life. Sk贸gafoss was so huge and mighty.聽 We went up the stairs to the top of Sk贸gafoss and then we followed some little track and hike along a beautiful river. After the hike, we went back and decided to go to another secret waterfall behind the Sk贸gar museum. There was a little cute ladder over a fence (first time seen) and we over the fence, we found the secret waterfalls with untouched nature, we took some crazy photos here and went back on the road again. The road conditions in Iceland are perfect and without any holes but occationally very dangerous too.

Arriving at SeljalandsfossBehind Seljalandsfoss waterfall

Seljalandsfoss falls from behind

The Waterfall Sk贸gafoss

Sk贸gafoss fallsGate above Sk贸gafossWaterfall above Sk贸gafoss

Fun above Sk贸gafossTop waterfall above Sk贸gafossSk贸gafoss hike

Sk贸gafoss trek

Next stop was M媒rdalsheppur where we saw the huge stones looking like a big gate in the ocean, beautiful scenery with never ending views to the ocean and reflection from the sun on the water.聽 Awww so romantic, awesome and memorable experience. Black sand on Reynisfjara beach and weird shapes of other stones on the beach. You must be careful because the waves was so big and huge. I had to run away from one but did not escape a big wave and it reached my knees and my shoes got totally wet, I had dry them on the car dryer. mehehe.

The view from Reynisfjall

D媒rh贸laey Rock Arch

On top of D媒rh贸laeyD媒rh贸laey viewBlack sand beach parking

Basalt rocks south Iceland

Reynisfjara beachReynisfjara black beachBlack sand beach fun

Reynisfjara hike聽聽Black beach hikingIceland adventure

Enjoying the black sand beach ReynisfjaraThe Ring Road Iceland

After this experiences and views we drove to another place. During the drive we saw big melting glacier and wild reindeer and lot of horses.

Next stop. J枚kuls谩rl贸n is an unbelievably nice, big glacier lake with a black diamond beach with little seals swimming was too cute. Awww, the best the best! And that very night we saw Aurora Borealis for the first time evaaaaaaaaa. Such a magical night really. First time I saw it and I can’t really believe it.

Diamond beach in fogCrystal beach in fog

Foggy Diamond beachJ枚kuls谩rl贸n lake

In the morning we started the camper vans and went to north of Iceland along the beautiful coastlines and finally arrived in Dj煤pivogur because we had to pee and the distances between villages can be very long so it was critical for us.聽 Horses and sheep was everywhere I looked. Yay I am an animal lover.锔

Camper walkie talkiesHorses in East IcelandGroup Camping Iceland

Nighttime by the campsiteOff the beaten trackReaching east Iceland

East Iceland mountains

Hverir is an interesting geothermal site but the spring Hverir was stinky, too much for me and I thought I would vomit? From there, a short trail lies up mountain, to the “N谩maskar冒” pass, and from there the trail leads down to the highway and back.The most bizarre attractions for me in the region was the mud pits of “Hverar枚nd”, which are so hot that they actually boil.

The outdoor shower north IcelandWild shower Iceland

Stinky HverirWaterfall of the gods Iceland

Next stop was Gr贸tagj谩 lava cave.This cave was on our list of places to stop at. It’s very tiny and pictures made it look way larger. Only about 5 people can actually hike down into the cave at one time. It’s very very small. There is a thermal spring inside with 50 degrees water. It is tectonic break which divides Europe and North America.

Grj贸tagj谩 Hot spring IcelandTectonic riftEurope North America rift

Akureyri city is second largest city in Iceland, so we got a break, rest and ate the famous Icelandic HOT-DOGS, delicious! Bought some stuffs in the Icewear store (folk sweater and gloves) and we went happy to other places. Next stop was Glaumb忙r the turf houses for 鈥渆lfs鈥(laugh). Joke!

Hot dog in AkureyriGlaumb忙rExploring fjords in the North

Hvitserkur stones reminds of a dragon who drinks water? Maybe. But nice!

The lighthouse in St媒kkish贸lmurSt媒kkish贸lmur Lighthouse

Summer love Iceland

Stykkish贸lmur is a romantic city! Imagine: The red lighthouse on a stone hill, warm weather and we are waiting for the sunset. It was such a magical sunset. After that we went to the local pub to drink the Icelandic strong beer? and after this we found an open campsite for the night. There was a little building with free WiFi, toilets and a warm room where we cooked our meal.

St媒kkish贸lmur SunsetSunset St媒kkish贸lmur

So many beautiful places, so many natural phenomenons I loved it, we loved it! The Kirkjufell mountain with the waterfalls was so nice!

Kirkjufellfoss & Kirkjufell

Krosslaug natural hot springs in Borgarbygg冒, cliffs and reefs with the seagulls and seals (so cute).

Road adventureKrosslaug Hot SpringON the road

Driving Iceland

Silfra diving and the crystal clear water was awesome! The national park 脼ingvellir was awesome also too. The day before last day we saw the Aurora second time and this Aurora was greater in intensity, shimmering and moving wildly like a snake!聽?

KleifarvatnLunch by KleifarvatnLake Kleifarvatn fun

Kleifarvatn Fun

Gr忙navatn Kr媒sjuvik

Kleifarvatn reststopAurora Borealis Kleifarvatn

Reykjanes park, Kleifarvatn lake G铆gvatn lake with beautiful green water, still beautiful scenery around us, Kr媒suv铆k hot springs, again, stinking.聽 Same day we stopped by the Krisuvikurberg Cliffs, little chill here with great, sunny weather and again the most beautiful views of the ocean.

Esja mountainSouth Reykjanes peninsula

Reykjanes view

Upside down in ReykjanesDriving in Reykjanes peninsula

I’m sending this video too to demonstrate also visually what we experienced. Because it was awesome and memorable adventure trip. I recommend it for everyone.

At the end of the trip we went to bathe in the Blue lagoon near the Grindavik. Super relaxing with a spa. It was my dream, hot salt water with a welcome drink (I’d choose Prosecco for sure) and then I had the silica mask on my face and I walked in the blue water like a mummy muhahah?

The Blue Lagoon swimming

A trip to Iceland was a very good idea for us, because we love nature, mountains, hot springs and animals.聽 So thank you for the camper van, we are sending some photos of the campers too.

Group camping trip Iceland

Best wishes & million kisses!

Filip & Lenka from Slovakia


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