Open all year Campsites in Iceland - Open all year Campsites in Iceland -

Open all year Campsites in Iceland

Camping in Iceland in camper vans is one of the most popular ways to explore this amazing country. Tourism itself is no longer restricted to the summer months but has now spread all year around, the same goes for camping here. The big question is where can you safely camp during the winter months here? Well, campsite operators have responded to the increasing demand and more and more campsites are working on improving their facilities to suit the winter campers.

Our friends at Visit Iceland created this interactive map with all the campsites operating all year around. Click on the pic and you will be taken to their map. They are adding new sites continously.


All year around Campsites in Iceland


Winter campsites in IcelandWe have featured wintercamping before on our blog with information about equipment, what to think of while camping, what to bring.

Wintercamping in Iceland

What to pack for camping in the wintertime

Your safety is always on top of our minds and here are a few things to have in mind before and while camping here in the dark months.

Be safe in Iceland

Travel apps for Iceland

Wintercamping in a camper van rental can be such an incredible experience in so many ways. Maybe the biggest thing is you are bound to get to see the famous Northern lights although there are never any certainties with that.

Just read up on what to expect before coming here to camp in wintermonths, bring the right gear, the right attitude and just drive carefully and enjoy everything Iceland has to offer during winter.


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