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Free & Unlimited WiFi

When renting a camper van, there are often a few questions to be answered. We offer Free WiFi with the Renault Trafic 3 & Master 5 and the VW California camper vans but of course there are questions about the WiFi too. Like does free WiFi mean the same as unlimited? No and here are the differences:

  • Free WiFiFree WiFi is up to 5Gb. The speed is the same as in the unlimited one.
  • Unlimited WiFi has no limits in download/upload and has the same speed as the free one.
  • Speed is only dependent on your connection i.e. your physical location.

So the only thing different between the two is the free one has a limit of 5Gb while unlimited has no limits at all.

To give a bit of perspective on how much 5Gb is, according to Netflix 1Gb is equal to 6 hours of watching. Remember also that uploading photos, browsing, using maps, watching YouTube, scrolling through Facebook, all requires bytes.

Our bigger camper vans are not only equipped with free WiFi. Here is a list with everything your camper comes with. Also remember that during summer, you will have lightweight sleeping bags and the opposite during winter.


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