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Campsites in Iceland

A big question many have on their mind when they are researching everything about camping in Iceland is where to camp, on and off season. The new..ish camper laws have caused the camper van peeps wonder where they can camp now? Well, you can all relax for there are so many campsites all around Iceland. Even the all year around campsites are increasing every year.

We can say with full confidence, this is the most comprehensive list/active map of all campgrounds in Iceland and with your help, we will keep it that way.

Campsites Seasonal Campsites All year around campsites All year around campsites

These are all the known campsites up to date. If there are discrepancies between the map and real life, please let us know at so we can keep the map up to date for others! There are for sure fields here and there not registered anywhere were the landowners use as campsites. Please, if you run into one, let us know through E-mail with information about it (GPS coordinates, pics, any facilities etc).

Campsites Iceland

The information about all the all year around campsites (green tent icon) we got from different sites online, we combined them all and exhausted all the known sites with campsite information. There are a few campsites close to or by the edge to the highlands. You need to find out about the road condition on those roads before you set off to one of those campsites.  Not all campsites lined up here have easy access at all times and can change from year to year. will always have the latest information on any roads.  Also, a few campsites that run all year around might have less service too but still open.

Campgrounds Iceland

The different campsites vary greatly when it comes to the facilities. The best ones have everything you need from kitchen, washing facilities, close to swimming pools, electricity, hot & cold water, everything you can possibly need to just a field with maybe a cold water tap. There are also campsites that advertise being closed off season but it has happened that when campervanners have showed up, they get to camp at the site if possible.

Campsites in Iceland

There are campsites that are free but always make sure you are not camping illegally. There is always a village, a gas station, a service house or even other fellow campers you can ask.  Often, there are also signs telling you what rules apply but not all the sites has signs. Your best bet is always to ask unless clearly marked.

Camping Sites in Iceland

As the interactive map shows, there are plenty of campsites all around Iceland. If you buy the card giving you access to a few campsites, has about 40 campsites to choose from while on this map, you have over 215 campsites to choose from, 37 of them are all year campsites, weather permitting.


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